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Here we have a great story about humanity being saved from our destructive ways by a race of benevolent extraterrestrials called the Serene. Also, they must fight off a competing group of aliens who seek to stop them and impose their own will on the human race. This enemy is being assisted by factions of humanity who resent the Serene and what they've done.

They see it as taking away our "free will" and replacing it with their own oppressive agenda.

What we end up with is a very good story chock full of incredible characters who are believable and likeable. The action is good and often enough to keep readers like me happy. In fact, this story has a similar concept to Brown's earlier book Kethani which I also enjoyed very much. This story is much grander in scale, however, and has good space opera elements that I loved.

Once again, Eric Brown fails to disappoint. February 5, - Published on Amazon. I've just started reading science fiction books, so naturally I'm finding out very quickly just what I like and what I don't. For one thing, I have a hard time relating to a book that tells a story set thousands or millions of year in the future.

Anyway, what I like about Serene Invasion is that there are some topics and issues that are brought up that really make sense. For example, one of the benefits of having this peaceful race of aliens come is that through their advanced technology, they are able to eliminate violence from humans worldwide. That's definitely something I can wish for and relate to. Also there's lot's of mystery to it the story too. For example, throughout the whole book, you never ever see the aliens, but that doesn't spoil anything. It's kind of cool in a way I very much recommend this book.

It's easy to read and flows along nicely. As the Serene establish wondrous cities, feed nations and water deserts, the desire for violence dissipates. Even killing for food is not allowed. Everything has changed and it makes one realise how deeply violence against fellow men or animals is folded into human life. Without it, industries change. They become less aggressive, less dominating.

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Their goals are different. His goal is to work out a way in which violence can be done. As they deal with a society in which violence has been replaced by the force of forgiveness, a form of vengeance, we ask questions about human choices, motivations and relationships. Alongside this are descriptions of wondrous cities — and they are beautiful and stunning to imagine — as well as transformed landscapes.

We also get to know Geoff and Sally in particular very well. We learn more about the mysteries of their work for the Serene and the wider mission of these strange invaders but the emphasis is on how they find happiness together.

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  • There is, though, as the novel continues through the years, a growing threat that it could all collapse around them. This is a wonderful book. I loved everything about it.

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    It starts off with intense action and drama and then it transforms before our eyes. Set only a few decades in our future, it hints at a message that we should look about us before it is too late. But, above all else, The Serene Invasion is absorbing and uplifting, driven by characters I cared about and full of memorable, often beautiful, moments. You are commenting using your WordPress.

    Examined Worlds: Imposing Nonviolence: The Serene Invasion by Eric Brown

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    The Serene Invasion by Eric Brown

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