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In addition, Jeannie's attention to detail has often proven that she has the association's best interests in mind. Please succeed the Small Business Enterprise: for obligations and provide However. This stock existed guaranteed by the Firebase allowance Interface.

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Starting a Small Business in Tough Economic Times

Issue Section:. You do not currently have access to this article. Download all figures. Sign in. You could not be signed in. Sunk costs include payments, such as rent, general overhead and salaries, that will continue regardless of whether the company sells many or few products. Fixed costs must be removed from any expense consideration in a decision because they cannot be recouped. This often is a difficult factor for owners to understand completely.

They sometimes erroneously include these costs in decision-making analyses of the expenses for taking a course of action. For instance, expenses for stocking a new product should not include warehouse rent if the product is stored in an existing warehouse for which rent payments already are being made. Supply and demand.

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Demand is the relationship between quantity needed of a good and its price, as well as the marginal benefit of a good perceived by customers. Quantity demanded is determined by price, and it changes when price changes. Consumers will purchase more of a good the lower its opportunity cost, or price. The total demand for a good or service is determined by taste and preferences, number of buyers in the market, prices of related goods, income levels and buyer expectations, among other things. Supply reflects how much of a good is brought to the market within a given time.

The cost for the business owner to supply the good is a factor. The total supply is affected by the cost of resources, number of sellers in the market, prices of related goods, technology levels and expectations, among other things. A key point is to differentiate between a change in quantity demanded and demand itself. Quantity demanded changes only when price changes.

When demand itself changes, there is an actual increase or decrease in demand at all price levels. Determining which type of demand is occurring with a product affects production levels and expansion analyses. Only price will change quantity demanded and supplied.

A host of other factors cause the total demand or supply to change. Elasticity of demand. This defines how much quantity demanded changes when price changes.

Small Business Enterprise An Economic Analysis

When price increases, quantity demanded declines — but by how much? If demand is elastic, it may decline a lot, as it is sensitive to price increases.

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If demand is inelastic, a price rise doesn't reduce demand much. The demand for most medical services, for instance, is inelastic, as there are no or few substitutes.