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Serverless na platformie Azure. Microsoft Azure Security Center. Twoje konto Zarejestruj Schowek Kontakt Pomoc. Tanie drukowanie. Printed in the United States of America. Published by OReilly Media, Inc. Working with CloudForms Automate 1. Red Hat CloudForms 4 1. Red Hat CloudForms provides support for external Documents. Mastering Arabic Hippocrene Mastering Documents.

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Heat 4. Exercises … Documents. Red Hat CloudForms roadmap Documents. Mastering the student first approach to marketing automation webinar Education. You can now change the code and test it without affecting the original domain and instantaneously revert to the original by deleting the copied method. I provide infrastructure and application consultancy to businesses with existing cloud footprints or that are looking at cloud adoption.

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Introduction I first discovered the cloud about five years ago. My Findings and Learnings The platform has many excellent benefits, including the following: CloudForms is a single pane of glass platform. Reporting and capacity management, the service catalogue, VM operations, compliance control, and other functions are all accessed from a single portal.

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CloudForms has out-of-the-box functions for provisioning, reconfiguration, and retirement workflows. The workflows have request, approval, and execute stages. Compliance is out-of-the-box. Everything is audited and all actions and events are logged.

This is a Red Hat product, which means that there is an upstream open source community project aligned with the product. General open source is wonderful, and commercially supported and enterprise-grade open source is even better for the organizations that I work with! The product is Ruby and Ruby on Rails. Application architectural patterns such as decoupling, timeout, and retry come out-of-the-box as part of the framework. All you need to do is write the required Ruby scripts and plug them into the framework.

These Ruby scripts are very much standalone, and it can be compared to Ruby coding as used with Chef configuration management. Tenancy allows you to manage resources on a per tenant manner. Tenant A can only access resources owned by Tenant A. Tenancy also comes with resource quota policy. Each tenant can be limited to the amount of resources CPU, memory, storage, number of instances, etc.

API integration for these providers is offered as part of the core platform code.

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Fight that urge. The workflows consist of Request and Task objects and each of these potentially has child objects. As the workflow progresses, it switches contextual boundaries from one object to the next for example, switching from a request object to task object. Figure 1: Service Object Relationships In terms of code reuse, this is a big deal. Knowing how to debug is critical for a complicated platform such as this. Debug scripts such as Object Walker and Object Reader can come in handy at the entry point of the Cloudforms automation engine e. CloudForms can issue duplicate server names [4].

If your organization needs to conform to a specific server naming convention, you will most likely need to write code to work around the default behaviour. This is where the bulk of your time will likely be spent. Figure 4: Catalog Item The catalog item provides entry points to the automation engine. The user completes the form and then hits Submit. Approval workflows: Welcome to the State Machine. Figure 5: An Approval Statemachine One way to describe the CloudForms state machines is that they are the mechanisms that control the execution of standalone Ruby scripts.

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Executing the approved request We now have an approved request, time to execute it and provision something. The flow now starts the actual provisioning stage. This is of course done via a state machine. Handling Variables The standalone execution of methods Ruby scripts via states in state machines is great, but you need to know how to pass variables between methods in a state machine and also pass then to methods in other state machines. To persist variables between state machines, use the option function.

A good place to start is to house common functions together.