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In time, the two regrouped and gathered advice from lawyer friends.


They told collections about Kathy Harrell, about her depression and how they never knew about the tax problem. They signed on with a tax resolution contractor.

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They continued working, hoping to stay in business. Harrell arrived at the store at around a. At around 9 a. Harrell answered.

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A woman on the line said she was from the District government. She hung up. Harrell thought it was a prank call. As far as he knew, they were still in negotiations with the District, far from the endgame. He went on the road to install locks. The phone call in the back of his mind, he phoned the store regularly to check in; a. Everything seemed fine. It was his wife. The store employees were standing outside. The store had been seized. Beddell Terry, chief of the Office of Tax and Revenue Collection Division, says what happened to District Lock and Hardware was unusual but that the office followed the rules, which allow wide autonomy in dealing with tax scofflaws.

The agency is less willing to negotiate with businesses that owe sales taxes, he says, because unlike income tax, the money never belonged to them. In most cases, Terry says, owners borrow to pay their tax debts, liquidate their assets, or declare bankruptcy. Since Terry arrived at the job three years earlier, the office has never auctioned a business. That is not what we are here for. He had no more luck than Horwat.

Soon after Horwat drove away on the morning of the store sale, the auction was ready to begin. Prospective bidders had an hour to inspect the store. In the front section, paint, tubes of caulk, and plumbing supplies covered the shelves.

The real money was in the lock room at the back and the storage area above the store where they kept inventory. The men formed a circle at the front of the store. The auction would be held in two parts: first the hardware, then the lock shop. Many of the locksmiths gave up right there.

The store might go cheap, they figured, but there was too much stuff to haul away in such a short time. They had planned to come away with a few items, not half the store. Hardware went first, together with a worn-out Ford pickup.

Lock Stock Barrel

Few seemed interested. As the numbers rose, a couple of men tossed up their hands to bid. Next was the lock department. The dollars increased fast. Dunn hesitated. The lock shop was gone. District officials and the auctioneer went in the back to talk. They walked out and told the men they were starting the auction over. The winning bids were canceled. This time, they would auction the entire store at once.

The crowd was silent as two or three men bid on the store. He did not know the short man in glasses who bid last.

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The day after the auction, Horwat drove by the store. Nothing had changed—hardware hung on the walls; the lock shop sat intact at the back. Inside, men were working. It looked like they were doing inventory, getting ready to move the stock out. A lot of work ahead of them, Horwat figured. He walked inside and asked for the owner.

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A man Horwat had never met gave him a business card. Conway runs one of the largest locksmith operations in town, with a store in Adams Morgan and one near the Walter E. Washington Convention Center.

The meaning and origin of the expression: Lock, stock and barrel

Horwat introduced himself and asked Conway if he would sell a set of window bars in the back room that were on order for a customer. Conway said he would think about it. By then, he had learned more about Conway, about how a developer wanted to build a hotel where his store sits across from the convention center, about how it looked like the District government would take the building Conway leased through eminent domain laws, about how he needed a new store.

This time, Horwat expected the store to be empty, ready for a clothing store, a coffee shop, or some other upscale business to move in. But when he looked inside, Horwat saw the truth. Nothing had been moved. The hardware was still inside. Something was going on. The locksmith said he was negotiating with the landlord to open Central Safe on the property.

Not only had they lost their business; they believe the District turned their store over to a competitor, a man it wanted out of a prime location so a developer could build a hotel. It seemed like a deal. Nothing a person could prove, but Horwat and Harrell believed it. Then they learned the Office of Tax and Revenue had given Conway a walk-through while the store was closed. Anyone interested in bidding on the merchandise could have called the office and gotten a tour, he says. Conway says he toured the building not to check out the stock before the sale but to inspect the store for leaks.

He was thinking about moving in. Still, he says, there was no trade engineered by the District. By the middle of November, he was still peddling hardware from the auction at a 20 percent discount and negotiating with the landlord about rent. Her mother died when Daphne was five and her aunt Dee became her surrogate mother.

Aunt Dee taught her how to cook, clean and instilled in her a love of books and writing. At the reading of her aunt's will, Daphne is flabbergasted at the outcome. She learns that the aunt she was named after kept many secrets. Now, Daphne must decide whether or not to keep the secrets as well. Daphne wants to find true love, but doesn't want the pressure her aunt's will has imposed on her.

Before she realizes it, Daphne has met several single men that might or might not be interested in her. After a month though, no one has asked her out on a date. Will she be able to meet her aunt's requirements to keep the house? Daphne decides to quit her job, move back home to Appleton and write a book. She wakes up to the fact that she hasn't really been enjoying life. She now is willing to take some risks. Is she ready to risk her heart again? Can an old flame be reignited? I loved the description of the town of Appleton; it made me want to move there! I also liked reading out how Daphne decorated the house, making it her own.