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Office hours provide opportunities for additional review of course content and support for problem solving on an individual basis. Small group tutorial activities provide a forum for students to develop their skills in presenting scientific concepts and methods, as well as supporting the detailed understanding of the taught material. Much of the material taught in the module is factual and the student is asked to demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of the content through being able to present the basic aspects of their knowledge of the material in unseen written examination papers and to demonstrate their problem solving skills by answering numerical problems on the topics.

Physics Introductory Quantum Mechanics I

Problems are set and assessed during the module to enhance the understanding of the material and nurture the progressive acquisition of skills in solving illustrative problems. The format of the resit exam is the same as the above.

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The small group tutorial sessions involve students in their tutor groups presenting and critiquing the solutions to technical questions associated with the taught material, with the personal tutor assigning marks for the contributions to these discussions on an individual basis. In accordance with University Terms and Conditions, the University makes all reasonable efforts to deliver the modules as described.

Modules may be amended on an annual basis to take account of changing staff expertise, developments in the discipline, the requirements of external bodies and partners, and student feedback. Queries about information in the Module Catalogue should in the first instance be addressed to your School Office.

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Module Catalogue Module Reports for Staff. Consequently, students struggle to build robust mental models of the concepts.

  1. Introductory Quantum Mechanics I!
  2. Introduction to quantum mechanics.
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  5. This paper posits that games can provide an effective platform for an experiential and conceptual understanding of introductory QM. Games are particularly suitable for demonstrating QM characteristics because their repetitive nature is conducive to demonstrating probability concepts that form a core part of QM. Games can also immerse students in an engaging environment that motivates them to learn. This paper presents the design and evaluation of a digital game for learning introductory QM concepts.

    Physics 631 : Introductory Quantum Mechanics I

    The evaluation of the game indicates an improvement in students' conceptual understanding of probability. Students also reported an increase in comfort level with key concepts taught in the game.

    Lecture 1 - Modern Physics: Quantum Mechanics (Stanford)

    Assessment will come from exams and assigned homework. The syllabus and homework assignments will be revised as needed. The exams are based on the textbook readings, the numbered examples in the text, the homework, extra-credit problems, and the class lectures.

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    Only simple scientific calculators allowed during exams : no calculators that are capable of graphing, integration, differentiation, or symbolic algebra are allowed. You may bring one 8.

    No other formulae, comments, drawing, or other information are allowed on the formula sheet.