Manual Magnetic Sensors, Volume 5, Sensors: A Comprehensive Survey

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State material properties of interest for various applications and choice of suitable materials. Describe magnetic sensor selection factors based on their applications. Classify and identify magnetic transducers and explain how they work. Identify the implications of the relations for satisfactory actuator and supply operating conditions.

The historical development of the magnetic method in exploration | GEOPHYSICS

Outline the design features in nine types of actuator schemes providing constant forces. Evaluate the magnetic properties of materials used in sensors.

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Select magnetic materials used in devices electrical machines, electronic systems, actuators and transformers. Report on the implementation of magnetic transducers in industrial, medical and computing applications including position sensors, current sensors, temperature sensors, torque sensors, security systems and non destructive testing. Basics of transducers. Physical principles of magnetic transducers. Gopel, J. Hesse, J. Wong, A. Muftuler, Y.

Janosek, S. Ando, S. Baglio, C. Trigona, A. Bulsara, N. Stocks, A. Djamal, R. Indrasari, W. Srigutomo, M.

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  • Sensors: A Comprehensive Survey, Volume 5: Magnetic Sensors.

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Paper Titles. Article Preview. Abstract: A magnetic material characterization at subsurface of soil using portable controlled source electromagnetic CSEM methods needs a continuous signal which has frequency more than 1 kHz. Add to Cart. Advanced Materials Research Volume Main Theme:. Table 1. The measurement results of resistances of excitation and pick-up coils Table 2. The results of conversion factor measurement Temperature, K Magnetic Developed 77 4.

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Different The measurement results of magnetic induction are values of the measured external magnetic induction were shown in Table 3. The results of magnetic induction measurement orthogonally to each other fluxgate sensors and increasing the sensitivity of the magnetometer. Ripka, Magnetic Sensors and Magnetometers. Boston, MA: 50 51 1 Artech House, Kaluza, A. Gruger, and H. Actuators A, Phys. Actuators A, 2 2 0 Phys. Ripka, and A.

Magnetic Sensors and Magnetometers

Actuators A, vol. Gopel, J. Hesse, and J. Popovic, J. Flanagan, and P. Choi, S. Kawahito, Y. Matsumoto, M. Ishida, and Y. Mahdia, L. Panina, and D. Johnson, M. Amin, S.

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Gildert, et al. It clear from the data of Table 2 that the conversion [11] S. Uchaikin, A. Likhachev, F.

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Lenz and A. Ando, S. Baglio, A.

Bulsara, and C. A single axis fluxgate magnetic sensor was fabricated in [16] Finemet. A block-diagram for conditioning the fluxgate sensor signals [17] Nanocrystalline soft magnetic material URL: was presented. Coils resistance measurement results of the fluxgate [18] S. Uchaikin and A. The linearity error of the developed magnetometer is [19] V. Baranova, P.